What is Dr. Jekyll?

Dr. Jekyll is an interactive voxel editor for viewing and editing three-dimensional images. It is specifically aimed at postprocessing of segmented datasets, but offers some functionality for raw data as well.

What does that mean?

Does it work?

The basic functionality is fairly stable, and we believe it should be useful for some real-life work, so the answer would be "yes". But there is a lot of things left to do for people with lots of spare time, too.

How, why, who?

Dr. Jekyll is written in C++, using a lot of libraries. The main ones are Blitz++, Qt, ImageMagick, Boost, OpenGL and Coin. It was written as a part of the cand. scient. (a norwegian university degree roughly equivalent to a master of science) theses of Johan Seland (thesis) and Kristoffer Gleditsch (thesis). Lars Aurdal was our main thesis advisor, and played the role as "customer" having ordered the program. Most of the work was done at The Interventional Centre, who equipped us with (among other things) office space, images and a very good working environment for two years. The rest were done at the LRDE, where we enjoyed a two-month internship.

The application is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), so anyone who wants to can download, use, extend and redistribute it.

We have made a few screenshots of the application.


The project homepage is over here. From the project homepage, you can find a download page, the addresses of our mailing lists, a bug reporting interface and lots of other stuff. (Hosted by SourceForge.net.)

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