Controller widget

The Controller widget is at the core of the Dr. Jekyll application. From its menus and buttons everything else is started and stopped.

Controller widget

The Imagewindows

The main part of the imagewindow is the visualization widget itself. This accepts different kinds of input depending on the type:

In addition to the visualization itself, this window contains two rows of control buttons at the bottom:

In addition, Ctrl-Z will undo the last change done. There is not (yet) any redo functionality. Ctrl-L will clear the selection (drop the green highlighting). Ctrl-W will close the window, and Ctrl-Q will exit the application.



Here we see a Controller widget with one cube ("segmented liver") opened, and three two-dimensional Imagewindows showing an X-, Y- and Z-normal projection through the volume.  The green areas is a highlighted (selected) connected component:

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